Centre Membership

We consider everyone who walks through the door to be a member of our congregation and we welcome you. If you become interested further then you can apply for centre membership.

Members are the backbone of the centre – it is a registered charity that is run by the members, for the members.

We encourage you to think about joining if you feel like you have found something. Once accepted as an associate member, you can access the centre library, explore your spirituality more deeply, and receive membership discounts.

During associate membership you will be invited to take part in a brief Introduction to Spiritualism course. This is to provide a clear idea of what Spiritualism and the centre represents. Those who complete this short, informational course become eligible for invitation into full membership.

Once you are invited into full membership and accept, any time after six months as an associate, you can take part in a ceremony that welcomes you as a full member of our community.

Full membership £8 per year; Associate membership £4 per year.

If you would like to join us then just fill in a form available in the centre or download it below and post or email it to us (see Contact Us for details).

MSC membership application form