Divine Service: Sundays 3:00pm
Our Sunday service has prayers, inspirational music, and an uplifting inspirational song. We dedicate a special time for some Spiritual philosophy on Sundays. There is also a demonstration of Mediumship, usually provided by an invited visiting Medium.


Manchester Spiritualist Centre Main Hall

Demonstration of Mediumship: Tuesdays 7:30pm
A longer demonstration of mediumship is given in our Tuesday Service, often by visiting mediums but also our resident mediums. Expect some relaxing inspirational music, to encourage calm after a usually hectic day, there is also an uplifting song , to raise the energy and promote a sense of wellbeing in the room. Watch out for our occasional specials on a Tuesday, where we invite a medium along to provide a service that might be a little bit different from the general Tuesday night service.

Spiritual Development Classes: Thursdays 7:30pm

We host a variety of classes to give you the chance to explore your spirituality more deeply and in a more experiential way. We offer meditation circles, beginners development classes, and philosophy and discussion classes. For more information, please see our education page.

Members Service: Held from time to time, usually on a Sunday
Our Members Service is a truly special event where we welcome Associate Members of our Centre to become Full Members. Their dedication to Spiritualism and their commitment to the Centre over six months is recognised by them signing the members roll book and committing themselves to living their lives in accordance with the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

Private Sittings 10 – 2 pm (Times do vary from month to month)

Private sittings are available on the last Saturday of the month. The price for a private sitting is £15.00.  A £5 deposit is required to secure a sitting and the sitting will last for 30 minutes. There is no guarantee what information comes through, if any. Every time a medium works should be treated as an experiment.

For an accurate up-to-date overview of church services, specials and events, please view our calendar.