Our Top 20 Recommended Books

***Many of these books are available at www.arthurfindlayshop.org***

Arthur Findlay – On the edge of the etheric

Arthur Findlay – The psychic stream

Harry Boddington – The university of Spiritualism

William Stainton Moses – Spirit teachings

Robert H. Thouless – Straight and crooked thinking

Estelle Roberts – Fifty years a medium

Mavis Pittilla – Mavis with spirit

Jennifer Gomes – Paul: man of spirit: the world of Paul Jacobs

Jean Bassett – Gordon Higginson: On the side of angels

Harry Edwards – Thirty years a spiritual healer

Carol Austin, David Hopkins, Barry Oates – Philosophy of Spiritualism

Barry Oates, David Hopkins, Carol Austin – Religion of Spiritualism

David R. Hamilton – Destiny vs. free will

Emma Hardinge Britten – Faiths, facts and frauds of religious history

Arthur Findlay – The curse of ignorance

Gordon Smith – Intuitive studies: a complete course in mediumship

J. J. Morse – Trance medium

Harry Edwards – A guide for the development of mediumship

The Complete D. D. Home

Maurice Barbanell – Parish the healer

A. W. Austen – Teachings of Silver Birch

Frank Newman – The universe of Silver Birch

Estelle Roberts – Red Cloud speaks

Eric Hatton – Taking up the challenge

Dalai Llama – The universe in a single atom