What is Mediumship?

Modern popular culture is full of images and stories of psychics and mediums, as well as the slightly stereotypical view of the séance to channel the dead. However, there is a narrow view that incorrectly labels mediums and psychics as one and the same, while also misunderstanding mediumship. So, what is mediumship? How does this skill differ and what types of mediumship are out there?

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is that process of delivering, or channeling, sought after information from one plane to the other. Some people use mediums to contact relatives to ask questions and make peace. The information and energy is exhibited in various ways, such as through speech, physical manifestations and other paranormal events. It is no wonder that some see a form of mediumship superpower in the abilities and actions of skilled professionals.

Without mediumship, there is no communication between the planes or the generations.

This idea of a vessel for the spirit, and communication between the spirit and medium, is vital in understanding how a medium works. We have a spirit personality in one plane that holds information and a person in the Earth plane in need of it. This information cannot be related without the willing vessel of the medium, and this process of mediumship.

Can all psychics exhibit mediumship?

This is where we need to address the difference between a psychic and a medium, as is it too easy for sitters to group them together in one category. Both deal with energy and extrasensory factors that go beyond the perception of the average mind. Yet, mediumship provides that connection and a living channel between the living and the dead. Psychics, on the other hand, only deal with the living. Psychics can work on their skills to become more in-tune with the spirit plane and progress into mediumship. However, a psychic cannot sit with a client and channel their relatives. Those that claim to do so, but are not mediums, should not be trusted. On that note, it is important to look at this idea of distrust in mediumship.

Why is there so much skepticism over mediumship?

There are two reasons key reasons for the distrust that surrounds mediumship and the art of channeling a spirit.

  1. The physical manifestations of physical mediumship and the potential for tricks and frauds.
  2. The difficulty in communicating a message and exhibiting a connection in a clear, straight forward manner.

Mental mediumship vs physical mediumship.

Mental mediumship:

Mental mediumship is perhaps the direct form of spirit channeling of the two. The medium uses telepathic processes to contact the spirit plane and then personally relays the information. There are no external forces or visual cues, just a verbal interpretation of the spirit’s energy. Some reputable mediums do so simply by translating the messages and energies around them. Others use trance mediumship to go deeper as they act as a vessel between the planes. This straight forward, linear process is perhaps preferable to physical mediumship, where effects and methods could be questioned.

Physical mediumship:

Here the mediumship route is a little more complex as there is the addition of physical objects. The spirits do not communicate directly through the medium, but rather the objects in the room or a manifestation of their form. Essentially, mental mediumship allows mediums to act as a mouthpiece between the spirit operator and spirit communicator. Physical mediumship, however, opens up a clearer route for those spirit operators to reach out.

The problem of clear communication within different types of mediumship.

Some people question the value of a medium’s message because they can be a little vague. Some require time to convey the meaning or stumble over the correct interpretation. Legitimate psychic mediums do not do this for dramatic effect. It takes skill to translate energy into a clear message. Sitters must remember that the spirits often communicate through energy rather than language. All signals can become distorted as they pass between the planes. A skilled medium will tune in and act like an interpreter.

This is why some experience mediumship problems, where the message is incorrect. An energy associated with the lower abdomen could have multiple meanings of medical issues or even childbirth. The longer the connection, the more time to fine tune the frequency and create that clearer channel. This allows for deeper translations and in-depth channeling for a better answer. However, only the most skilled mediums can achieve this.

It is important to remember that the mediumship discipline is broad and varies from one medium to another.

Mediumship communication methods are exhibited in different ways. It all depends on the medium, the message and the strength of the connection between the planes. Mental mediumship generally works through speech and that clear linear line of communication. Physical mediumship and manifestations are more diverse. This use of energy and vibrations is why there are so many physical interactions with objects. Examples include:

  1. Physical interactions with objects in the room, such as personal possessions or furniture, where they move or levitate.
  2. Messages relayed through writing or Ouija boards.
  3. Transfiguration mediumship where the face of a spirit appears over that of the medium.
  4. Direct voice mediumship where the voice of the spirit is generated within the room.
  5. The generation of apports or figures through ectoplasm.

The latter three signs of mediumship ability are vary rare, and the sort of skill that mediums may claim to possess without proof. Other forms of physical channeling, through speech, Ouija and trances, are more common. Standard physical interactions with inanimate objects are more likely.

Mediumship is a skill that takes time to develop.

When answering the question of what is mediumship, we have to focus on this idea of a well-developed skill with multiple forms of interpretation. Psychic perception is a gift that many people possess to some degree. Developing mediumship abilities requires the effort and dedication to tune into those vibrations further and really connect with the spirit plane. Those with the strongest skills – that mediumship superpower as it were – can provide longer connection, better interpretations and clearer answers.

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