What Is The Difference Between Psychics And Mediums?

Too often, the term physic and medium are used interchangeably in modern literature and guides. This is understandable when it comes from the mouths of those unfamiliar with the discipline and those first time users. However, it is more frustrating from the mouths of those that should know better. The truth is that a physic and a medium are not necessarily the same thing. It is important to differentiate between the two in order to better understand the abilities and services provided.

Part of the confusion stems from the term “psychics medium”.

This is a legitimate term to describe mediums as they use physic abilities in their work. However, it does blur the line between the two areas. There is a simple rule here: all mediums will possess psychic abilities and the power that comes with them, but not all psychics have the abilities to call themselves mediums. Essentially, mediums are at a higher skill level with more specialist abilities that increase their perception. This takes them beyond the ability to read the living and allows them to channel the discarnate.

Psychics deal with the living; mediums deal with the discarnate.

This is perhaps a rather simplistic way to create that boundary between the two disciplines, but it is the best place to start. This idea of a physic possessing fewer skills and abilities isn’t meant to undermine their abilities. However, there are limits to their intuition and perception. A psychic can use their perceptive powers to pick up signals from the living, perhaps from their aura or their possessions, and use them to answer questions about their lives. All conversations and energy readings take place within the Earth plane.

Mediums have the ability to do this with their own psychic abilities. However, their reach stretches much further due to their ability to connect to a higher frequency of spirit vibrations. This is why mediums can act as vessels for connecting with, and channeling, the spirit plane. All those with questions for a spirit relative cannot consult a psychic, but they can consult a medium. Beware of a psychic offering channeling and links to the spirit plane if they do not consider themselves to be a medium.

The confusion between the two is also partly due to the other terms used to describe psychics.

In the descriptions above we mentioned channeling and intuition as key factors in the work of the medium and the psychic. In fact, some use the terms channel and intuitive in place of psychic, along with empath. These terms all mean slightly different things and while some apply to physics, others do not.

Intuitives can read energy as a flash, a sudden message or moment of insight that comes from nowhere. The best physic intuitives can understand the significance of these moments and reflect upon them. Both mediums and psychics can exhibit intuitive powers.

Empaths take on the feelings of others with a deep sense and true understanding of that energy and the process behind it. This is particularly arresting when it comes to dealing with grief. Again, both psychics and mediums can be empaths. However, it does take an advanced psychic to reach this level.

Channels are those that can tune into the spirit plane and create that connection for communication. This is a skill possessed by mediums, but not by psychics.

There is a form of hierarchy of abilities and perceptions here.

These difference in skill sets and types of psychics highlights this idea of mediums operating on this alternative frequency and higher level consciousness. We can be born with higher perceptions, develop those skills to improve our awareness and abilities and become advanced psychics. Those advanced psychics may find they are able to take this further into mediumship and channeling, but not all will be able to do so. It is easy to think of this in stages.

  1. Beginner stage: the ability to sense energy and sound and to visualize in a beyond average capability.
  2. Intermediate stage: the ability to develop this into more profound states of psychometry, auditory perception and visual perception. This then allows for some form of psychic readings of the living.
  3. Advanced stage: highly developed perception, intuition and empathy with a greater purpose. The ability to conduct readings of the living in a controlled, beneficial manner with real insight.
  4. Expert stage: channeling and mediumship where mediums have the ability to work between the planes and contact the spirit world for answers to questions.
  5. Highest level: mediums that can use trance mediumship and other forms of projection to channel spirits directly, rather than answer for them.

There is a clear difference in the tools used between those psychics working on lower frequencies and the mediums that handle this higher frequency vibration. The abilities and perceptions increase with greater depth and accuracy until mediums are so in tune with energy signals and abilities that they can build that connection with the spirit plane and work with both the living and the discarnate. Psychometry develops into clairsentinence. Auditory perception develops into clairaudience. Visual perception develops into clairvoyance.

When to contact a medium, and when to contact a psychic.

Of course the final distinction between the two disciplines lies within the work they do and the clients they can see. This is where we go back to this idea of psychics working for the living and mediums working with the discarnate. Anyone with a question about the Earth plane, such as their fortune or the fortune of a living relative, can contact a psychic for a reading. They can use their perceptions to determine a likely outcome by reading auras, cards and personal items. Anyone with a question about the spirit plane should contact a medium. This means anyone looking to find out the fate of a deceased relative or to ask the discarnate questions. Only a medium has the ability to do this.

The difference between the two disciplines is quite simple in these terms, when we divide the two planes and the skill sets. This is the best way of remembering the difference and who to deal with. Mediums aren’t necessarily better at the job if the issue regards the Earth plane and the living. Instead, they just have that greater capability to create that bridge between the frequencies of the living and discarnate for strong, reliable communication.

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