What Is Trance Mediumship?

Mediumship is a separate discipline from the work of physics because of their alternative state of consciousness and ability to connect with vibrations at a higher frequency. There are then different abilities and experiences within mediumship that demonstrate the intensity and clarity of this connection with these energy sources. Mediums can connect with the spirits of the discarnate and relay messages, but some do so in different ways than others. One method is trance mediumship. There are many misconceptions over the true nature of this approach, and those that practice it. Therefore, it is important to learn more about these connections, the physical effects involved and the issues of control and rapport.

Why do sitters often have the wrong idea about trances and trance mediumship?

It is no real surprise that there is such a miscomprehension over trace mediumship when it is so poorly portrayed in the media. Films and television shows tend to lean on the stereotypes of the medium possessed by the spirits of the discarnate. There is greater dramatic effect on screen when they start convulsing, wailing and appear to be fighting with the demons. The reality of a true channeling experience is much different. Those that put on this show to seem authentic are doing themselves, and the practice, a disservice. True trance mediumship is much more calm and serene and the reason for this is quite simple. It is all about maintaining a balance of control and receptivity for a harmonious relationship between the medium and spirit communicator.

Mediumistic control and the true power of the spirit communicator.

Mediums have the ability to tune into a higher frequency of vibrations from the spirit plane. This allows for a connection between themselves and the entity for a clear channel of communication. The spirit communicator, or operator, will use this link to operate the medium and communicate their message. Yet, they are not so strongly in control that they overpower the medium. This is not a one-sided situation – or what some would imagine to be a possession – but rather a two-way link in that strong relationship. The spirit is not entering the body of the medium to speak out, but relying messages through that higher frequency with the medium acting as a mouthpiece. It is all about maintaining a telepathic rapport to manage control and maintain that beneficial channel of communication.

If this is the case, why does it often sound as though the spirit has possessed the medium?

It is easy to see where some of these confusing misconceptions about trance channeling come from. Mediums do exhibit unusual behavior while in a trance, even if it isn’t as extreme as some sitters expect. While they will rarely wail and moan in a legitimate session with a cooperative spirit, their verbal communication will show some unusual traits. There are aspects of their speech that will alter when relaying these messages. There are notable cases where mediums exhibit strange speech patterns as they translate the energy of the vibrations in speech and more coherent message. This could be as simple as unusual inflections or rhythms to the speech. Broken speech with a curious use of grammar is also possible. There are also some misconceptions over the idea of a spirit “talking” through a medium and the potential to manifest celebrity spirits. The voice of Elvis will not appear from the mouth of a medium, but they can translate the energy of loved ones into a message that they can then verbalize.

Other physical signs of trance mediumship that mediums may experience.

One of the best ways to understand trance mediumship is to look at the physical effects that occur within the body. This physical evidence highlights this new level of consciousness and the effect of the connection with the spirit plane. But, once again, the effects aren’t always what people expect. Many mediums within a trance will exhibit a slower heart rate with steady, deep breathing, a lower body temperature, reduced sensitivity to external stimuli from the earth plane and also no rapid eye movement. This is a much different picture to the highly sensitive, frantic mediums of popular culture with the heavy breathing, and excessive states of REM. These symptoms highlight that sense of control and rapport with a calm, respectful connection to the frequency of the vibrations.

Light trances, deep trances and very deep trances.

The level of control and the effects seen will also vary depending on the depth of the trance. Deep trances can extend into physical mediumship, where the control of the spirit communicator increases and their presence can be detected by sitters. Again, there is still that level of control and telepathic rapport between the medium and spirit, only the effects are more intense. The spirit has a greater freedom to use the medium for their needs, but the medium still retains control. A different state of consciousness will occur to allow for this connection. Again, this is not about the spirit taking over, or possessing the mind of the medium. Instead, this is about a different state of consciousness and the conscious thoughts of the medium essentially being placed to one side.

Here channeling occurs through physical manifestations as well as speech. Some spirit manipulators work with the etheric energy of the medium and transform it into an ectoplasmic projection. This form of deep trance mediumship is very rare as few mediums have the ability to create that level of connection. Light trance mediumship skills are much easier to develop because of the level of consciousness and the frequencies involved.

Trance mediumship may not be what people expect, but it is still a complex ability with a strong connection between a medium and spirit communicator.

In order to better understand these trance states, we need to forget the stereotypes and really pay attention to the mediums at work. The physical changes and speech patterns may be more subtle, but they exhibit a strong connection to a higher frequency that sitters, and psychics, cannot achieve. With this rapport and controlled communication, these trance provide a clear, respectful channel of real worth to the sitter. Therefore, it is important to not only understand, but to appreciate the skills involved.

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